Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer children's program at church

For the second year, the church organizes a summer children's program in which children come to the church to study, to engage in art and reading activities, as well as other fun games and activities. The children all manage to have a good time, in addition to getting some learning in. Our "team" consists of nearly ten people. Ms May is the regular teacher for the student. Ms. Mem takes care of the morning spiritual activity before any learning takes place. Thon and Thang is in charge of the fun songs and games. I am in charge of teaching English. And there are three other volunteers to help the children along.

These children find that by coming to the church everyday, they are learning new things as well as having. They also find out that it's not important to be playing computer games all day in the summer.

I've decided to continue with this summer program after the success of last year. This year, more students enrolled in this program. And we had to reject a number of others because the large number of children would be too difficult for us to handle with our limited space and manpower. However, we are getting more interest by the day. Parents who have their children in the program are already asking about next year.

This summer program has potential to expand into a very interesting and fruitful project in the future if more thought and planning goes into making this program something creative and attractive to the community.

So far, we have a good start and solid directions.

Nong Bua Lamphu, 1 April 2010

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